Ekhart Yoga

Ekhart Yoga was founded in 2011 by Esther Ekhart, Bas Paul, and Ruud Voerman. Esther and Bas started creating short, free Yoga videos for YouTube in 2008 while living in Ireland. The videos became very popular over the years (more than 20,000,000 views by 2012!) and Esther received many requests for longer online yoga classes. Esther and Bas hooked up with photographer and musician Ruud Voerman, moved back to the Netherlands, and started working full-time on EkhartYoga.com to spread the love of Yoga and to share Esther’s knowledge with the world.

Ekhart Yoga provides members with high quality yoga classes by qualified, international yoga teachers. Our yoga videos have all the different styles and levels you need. Are you a beginner? This is the place to start! Are you a well-practiced yoga teacher? You’ll find tons inspiration for your next yoga class!

This site is full of free online yoga videos, articles, recipes, tutorials, tips, Yoga poses, and more. Once you have a subscription, hundreds of Yoga videos on this site will be available to you—anytime, anywhere. You will be able to mark “favorite” videos, making it easier to find them in the future, and you will also be able to leave comments and feedback, which we welcome. In short, you will have an Yoga studio at your beck and call.

Besides searchable videos, at Ekhart Yoga you can also find ”programs.” A program is a series of classes crafted around one theme. All of our programs are designed with a specific purpose in mind. Each one gives you an unique opportunity to improve your Yoga practice in a relatively short time. We have designed programs for total beginners who don’t know where to start, as well as programs for advanced yoga students and teachers, and programs for specific techniques. You will also find programs that focus on awareness and meditation.

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