• What are the search / filter criteria I can use to search for classes and events?
    Answer: You can search / filter by city, style of yoga, teacher, studio, program type (class, workshop, etc.), level, day or time.
  • How do I know which classes / events I am scheduled to attend?
    Answer: By clicking ‘Account’ (after logging in) you will be taken to your account details. In this window you can select ‘Upcoming Classes’ on the left side of the page in order to view your upcoming classes.
  • How do I know my booking is confirmed?
    Answer: Once you have gone through the payment steps and received a confirmation that your payment has been accepted you will know that your booking is confirmed and you have a space in the class. Since our system works in real-time, the system will not accept your payment if there is not an available space in the class. You can reconfirm by checking your Account.
  • What payment options are available for booking a class / event?
    Answer: Payments are made through PayPal so you can pay with a credit card or through a bank transfer to your PayPal account.
  • What do I need to take with me to the class / event to show I have made a booking?
    Answer: Just make sure you have the confirmation number that was provided when you made the booking.
  • What is the change / cancellation policy after booking a class / event?
    Answer: For most classes / events you must cancel 24 hours prior to the class time. If the cancellation or change policy differs you will be notified of this prior to booking.
  • How do I add a class / event, teacher or studio profile to Yalayoga?
    Answer: just click the appropriate button at the bottom of each page (Add a Teacher, Add a Studio, Add a Class / Event). Or send us an email to admin@yalayoga.com.